A quiet New Year looms for Tony and it’s all systems go (again) for Tommy and his new business partner, Helen.

Radio Times: Tony wants to spend more time with his family.

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  • Peggy’s worried about Bridge Farm – particularly with regard to Christmas and the New Year. She and Jack are meant to be coming round for Christmas, which Pat is still happy with, but she asks Tony if they’d like to come to their’s for New Year. Tony thanks her, but declines, suggesting that she and Jack should do their first choice – visit Lillian in Guernsey. It’s John’s birthday and a quiet family celebration could be the best move.
  • Eddie’s slightly happier – he’s got a cheque from Nigel for £300 for one of Poppy’s painting (or was it?)
  • Tommy has heard from Howard Friend … who has reversed his decision and wants to stock his sausages again! Helen’s very pleased and asks Tommy if he’d consider letting her deal with all the admin and the paperwork, freeing him up to deal with the pigs – after all, that’s playing to their strengths. He’s delighted to accept that offer.
  • Pat and Tony are planning a family celebration for their Silver Wedding in a couple of weeks, although Peggy wonders if “family” in that context includes Brian and Jennifer.