Eddie’s forging the master’s work and Neil’s plans to go back to what he’s good at doesn’t meet with Susan’s approval.

Radio Times: Eddie forges ahead.

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  • Eddie, with the help of a library book on abstract art, has decided that Poppy might be gone, but her spirit lives on. Only it’s not as easy as it looks. An additional “starburst” from Joe and it might just pass muster. Will Elizabeth notice, though?
  • Phil and David are, finally, bringing the cows in and are pleased with their experiment of keeping them out later, but David wants to see the winter through before passing judgement.
  • Phil, purely hypothetically, asks Neil whether, if Brookfield decides to expand it’s big operation, he might be introduced in being their full-time pigman. Neil’s keen on the idea although David’s concerned that his hopes might be raised and Susan still has white-collar designs on his career.