Kate seems intent on leaving and Lynda’s casting for the panto is almost complete.

Radio Times: Lynda gets her man.

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  • Kate’s still depressed. This time is because she’s having to work in the shop on a Sunday – while grandma gets to do fun things like look after Phoebe. Lynda can’t get her enthusiastic about the tree-planting and Eddie and Mike discussing Poppy’s death certainly doesn’t improve her mood.
  • Jack is giving George a small hand as he fixes a fence at the stables and manages to convince George that a small role in the panto could be a good idea to occupy his retired time. With Lynda also managing to convince Mike to participate too (well, Neil’s involved, isn’t he?) the cast is filling … although Robert’s not sure that she shouldn’t have told them their roles, the specifics were notably absent from the impromptu casting couches ….
  • At the end of the day, Kate closes the shop and is about to walk home with Phoebe (dropped off from her day out with grandma) and confides in the infant that they really need to get out of Ambridge.