A Valentine Day ruse is planned and Phoebe seems destined to travel.

Radio Times: A meeting of minds at Home Farm.

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  • Ed is lying low at the Bull, on the pretext of doing his homework with Fallon, but really making sure that his dad does not get him filling compost bags at home. It’s dirty work and what’s more, it’s unpaid. He makes himself useful by suggesting Greg Turner as a last minute replacement for Siobhán’s quiz team tomorrow night.
  • At Home Farm, Kate is critical of her mother laying on bottled water for Debbie’s meeting about the lamb marketing project. She is also critical of Lucas because he doesn’t seem to care about Phoebe, not to mention that fact that she will be in self imposed exile upstairs for the duration of the meeting. Debbie has invited Bill Crowther from the abattoir to the meeting; she is keen for him to join the board.
  • There is not much homework being done at the Bull but Ed and Fallon are planning a “project”: they will send Valentine Cards (stolen, preferably) to all sorts of people in the village who will be disposed to thinking they are genuine.
  • The meeting seemed to go very well, although Brian can foresee a difficulty: to guarantee continuity of supply, lambing across the group will have to be spread from December to May. That will necessitate introducing new breeds which bring their own problems. In the margins, Brian had spoken to Terry Hodge about taking over his arable: Brian reckoned Home Farm could do it cheaper than he could himself. Could he be coming round about buying that cultivator drill? Kate is planning to have her daughter to stay the night, so that Phoebe can get used to both herself and Lucas. This is readiness for when Phoebe goes to South Africa!

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