Roy learns that Kate will be going back to South Africa – but what of Phoebe?

Radio Times: Roy fears Kate’s plans.

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  • It is nearly time for church but Shula has time to bring Janet up-to-date about Elizabeth’s progress; it looks as if she will be home at the end of the week, a prospect which alarms Nigel. She is also able to introduce Lucas who is passing but not, on this occasion, visiting the church with Nolunthando. It seems that Kate has given his mother a jaundiced view of christianity in Britain, so he will need to talk to Janet in order to set the record straight.
  • Roy and Hayley are not regular churchgoers but they have brought Phoebe to the family service in order to sound out Janet about getting married in St Stephen’s. Pheobe, however, finds the mud more fascinating.
  • Inside, Clarrie explains to Shula how William called earlier and nearly saw the car which is to be his surprise birthday present. So after all the the excitement, she just seeks a bit of peace and sanity.
  • Phoebe made her presence heard during the service but Janet did not mind: it is a family service after all. Yes, of course Roy and Hayley can be married in the church and if they ring her later, she will confirm that the Bank Holiday Monday, 7th May is free. Shula and Clarrie are keen to enlist Janet’s support at the meeting on Tuesday about the closure of Loxley Barratt school; how can it be justified to merge it with Hollerton Primary after such a good Ofsted report.
  • On his way back to Home Farm, Lucas bumps into Roy and family. Roy asks quite directly about his plans to return to South Africa. Lucas explains about his job with SATV in Johannesburg and that Kate has agreed to go too; this is good because he could not bear to be parted from his daughter. Roy knows just how he feels.

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