Phil and Elizabeth make up as Kate make plans to go back to RSA with both children …

Radio Times: Lucas wants an answer.

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  • Lizzie has come through the operation, woken briefly and spoken to Nigel who has now been persuaded to go home and see the twins, Jill and Phil are holding the fort. Phil alone with Lizzie is musing out loud hoping once again that all the Brookfield problems did not contribute to her collapse, Lizzie wakes and they share their thoughts and Lizzie is made very aware that her Dad cares for her very much no matter what she has thought in the past weeks.
  • Betty agrees to put a poster up in the shop announcing a meeting to muster forces to try and save the school, feels that although she no longer has children there she will try and get along to lend her support. Betty then calls to Roy and Hayley to give Roy his birthday present, the party seems to be going with a swing. Roy and Hayley have a few quiet minutes together and agree that they will go for a larger wedding with dress, bridesmaids, flowers cake and everything, Hayley is over the moon with delight and dashes off to ask Brenda to be chief bridesmaid.
  • Kate and Lucas finally talk and she agrees to go back to South Africa with him, however warning bells sound for us all as her parting remark is that won’t it be nice in South Africa with both her daughters.

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