Lizzie goes under the knife as the family hold their breath

Radio Times: An anxious time at the hospital

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  • Day of the big operation has arrived, Nigel and Lizzie have an emotional few moments together, she wants him there if and when she wakes. Action switches to Brookfield where David is musing guiltily on the past months and wonders if he could have been nicer to Lizzie however as usual Ruth is a rock of sense reminding him what could have happened if he hadn’t stuck to his guns re Brookfield. They are looking forward to the arrival of the new “red” stock. Ruth also concerned about the proposed amalgamation of the schools and the effect it may have on Pip.
  • Back at the hospital Phil and Jill reminisce about Lizzie’s operation when she was a baby and how they felt then, Phil also feeling guilty as he swore when she was small that he would protect her for the rest of her life.
  • Hayley, who is minding the twins meets Mrs A. and it looks as if a larger more elaborate wedding may again be on the agenda, Mrs A giving a present of the flowers for the Church and making the cake and Hayley’s mother only dying to chip in with the dress. An interesting aside Phoebe only seems jealous of her new sister if Hayley is holding her couldn’t care less if Kate is, no prizes for guessing who Phoebe looks on as her Mother.
  • Finish at the hospital, Lizzie has come through the operation and an emotional Nigel, Phip and Jill are waiting for her to wake up.

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