Mike’s bending Betty’s ear over her insurance money and another change of wedding plans for Roy and Hayley

Radio Times: Pat and Clarrie share a birthday idea.

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  • Mike wants Betty to spend the insurance money on an exotic holiday and is showering her with brochures, however Betty may have other ideas for the money, she feels that there may be an opening for organic eggs.
  • Roy has a chat with Mrs A. re the idea that he and Hayley should have a simple wedding he is concerned that Hayley may be disappointed, he wants her to have whatever she really would like, Mrs A. promises to think about the whole matter.
  • Clarrie and Pat have decided to have a joint birthday party for Tony and Eddie who will both be fifty in February, could promise to be a lively event, what’s the betting some cider will appear?
  • The scene switches to the Bull, Betty comments how popular the Quiz night has become, Sid reveals that Jolene has lots of ideas for improving how the place is run. Betty wishes that Mike had more interest in her idea for free range hens rather than trying to persuade her to holiday in exotic parts. Pat arrives to tell Clarrie that the village hall is available for the birthday bash. All comment on how down in the dumps Tim is looking and further say that perhaps it is because Janet isn’t around, Mike is astounded to be told that the feeling is that something has been “going on ” between Tim and Janet.
  • Mrs A has come up trumps, she tells Roy that she will pay for the flowers for the wedding and bake the cake and she is sure that Hayley’s Mother would love to pay for the dresses, Roy now faces the task of persuading Hayley to this change of plan, once again Mrs A. promises to see what she can do to help.

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