Kate’s plans worry her parents and Brookfield buys its future herd.

Radio Times: Lucas needs a quick answer.

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  • Phil and David are on their cattle buying trip, David is pleased that Phil is there to give advice and share the burden of selection of animals, however Phil is feeling somewhat guilty that he is on this trip as Lizzie is in hospital awaiting for her operation.
  • Brian and Jennifer are discussing the Kate/Lucas situation, wondering what Kate will decide, Jennifer would love to keep Kate around but Brian seems to understand Lucas’s wish to return to his own country to his job and family. However, Brian’s mind is not really on family problems he is still preoccupied with the awful Board meeting.
  • David and Phil discuss the Herefords over a pub lunch. Sam the man from whom they are purchasing has impressed them with all his ideas about marketing even, heaven forbid, using the internet – whatever would Dan have thought?! Phil is still worrying about Lizzie.
  • Debbie finds Brian staring at the fields musing on the future, she invites him to the Hassett Hills meeting next week as he seems to have some good ideas for that venture. Brian also seems a bit more receptive to her request to buy a new drill.
  • Lucas has told Kate he wants an answer by next week, soemthing else for Jennifer to worry about.

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