Lucas presses Kate for an answer about whether she will return to South Africa with him.

Radio Times: A setback for Hayley.

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  • Kate is feeding Baby Nolly. Lucas says it is time for Kate to decide where she wants to live. Kate is telling Lucas she doesn’t think she wants to stay in England when Jennifer interrupts them. Jennifer suggests having Phoebe more often this week as Hayley will be busy looking after Lily and Freddie while Lizzie has her op. Kate is reluctant. She says she is still getting used to caring for Nolly. She says there will be plenty of time for Phoebe to get to know Nolly.
  • Roy and Hayley are having a tidy up. Hayley wants to get on top of things as she has a busy week, what with caring for the twins and preparing for Roy’s birthday party. Roy is sorting out the papers and comes across the bridal magazines with all Hayley’s notes. Yes, they can be thrown out – Hayley is sure she doesn’t need them any more.
  • Eddie comes home unexpectedly to find Edward with his stereo on full blast. He doesn’t believe his son’s excuses for not being at school and accuses him of playing hooky. He might as well make himself useful. Eddie persuades Ed to help him bag up the manure that is steaming outside. Otherwise he’ll tell Clarrie what Ed has been up to. Ed doesn’t have any choice!
  • Jennifer and Lucas chat whilst Kate is resting with the baby. Lucas says he is very conscious of his family responsibilities, now he is a father. Jennifer reminds him that Kate has two daughters; she needs time to think as it is a very complex situation, but to Lucas it seems very simple!
  • Eddie and Ed are working hard at shovelling the manure with Ed grumbling just a bit! To take his mind off things, Eddie asks his son if he’s heard the one about the doctor and the vicar, referring to Tim and Janet of course! Ed says that its old news! Eddie tells him about his plans for marketing the compost and shows him his design for a leaflet he is going to ask Linda Snell to run off on her computer. Jennifer turns up wanting to know why Eddie isn’t at Home Farm doing the fencing, as he promised, but as usual Eddie has a ready excuse. They discuss the new baby. Ed can’t quite hide the giggles when he hears Nolly’s full name.
  • Lucas presses Kate about her future plans. Kate wants to return to South Africa but to Cape Town not Jo’burg which is where Lucas’ new job will be based. Jennifer interrupts them and Kate takes the opportunity to go upstairs with Nolly. Jennifer suggests Lucas try to stay in England, this would solve the problem. Lucas is adamant he has to return to his country. Kate must decide for herself what to do!

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