Elizabeth pulls through and this time she will go under the knife

Radio Times: Phil treads a careful path.

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  • Lizzie pulls through, having been unconscious since she collapsed on Friday, she comes round in hospital, Nigel is with her and he tells her how worried he has been. She feels back to her old self and wants to know when she can return home. Nigel tells her the hospital plan to do the op’ and she won’t be coming home before she’s had it done! Jill and Phil arrive to see her and add their weight to what Nigel is saying. Lizzie accepts the inevitable.
  • David and Ruth are waiting to come in and Jill and Phil leave to allow them room to come in. Phil tells Jill how terrible he feels that arguing with Lizzie may have caused her to collapse. He is stricken that her heart stopped beating. Jill takes a more robust view. She feels that if anything Lizzie is the one at fault for having postponed the operation.
  • Later, David and Debbie have a drink in the Bull. They discuss the Hassett Hills lamb business and are pleased it seems to be going so well. David asks Debbie if she has made progress in persuading Brian in invest in the machinery. She hasn’t had the opportunity, he’s been in such a bad mood since the board meeting. They also chat about David’s impending visit to inspect some Herefords – it’s unlikely Phil will now be going because of Lizzie’s operation.
  • Before going to visit Lizzie again, Phil tells Jill he has decided not to go with David. He feels his place is here with Lizzie. Jill attempts to persuade him to go. He and David will be back before the actual op. Phil thinks Lizzie will think he doesn’t care. Jill suggests he ask Lizzie what she wants him to do. Later, David says he would like him to still come as he needs his advice and opinion. At the hospital, Lizzie tells Nigel she is frightened about having the operation. She thinks that is why she postponed it before although she didn’t realise at the time. Phil and Jill arrive and he asks Lizzie whether she wants him to stay in Ambridge rather than go with David. Lizzie says of course he must go with David. After her parents have left, Lizzie tells Nigel she didn’t mean it. She is about to have a major operation and she does actually mind that her father is going off with David to look at cows!

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