Elizabeth takes a huge turn for the worse.

Radio Times: It is the last straw for Elizabeth.

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  • Siobhán is out and about drumming up support for a quiz at the Bull on Wednesday, first Hayley (outside the shop) and Elizabeth (at Lower Loxley) plead busy-ness and will probably not make it.
  • Hayley, confronted by a surprised Marjorie (over the change of heart about the size of the wedding), changes the subject around to Roy’s birthday next Friday – Hayley asks her to sit for Phoebe, but she suggests that they have a party instead!
  • As Elizabeth fails to slow down, Phil pays a call to try to talk her around. She throws her newly-lost lack of say in Brookfield back at him as a reason for him to not tell her how to run Lower Loxley. As the temperature rises, she collapses … and with the paramedic firing up the defibrillator, her heart stops and the medics set to work …