The baby is named and Neil pulls a fast one over Eddie.

Radio Times: What’s in a name?

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  • Neil’s late on the job – and it’s Eddie’s turn to moan. Neither are worried about the job itself, it’s having to be the first to face the client’s dogs! Eddie needs to be away early to go and look at cars – possible presents for William’s forthcoming 18th. Later, when they’ve finished and the issue of payment is raised, neither wants to go into the house and face the dogs, but eventually Neil does. He comes out with two cheques, which seems to disappoint Eddie who was set fair to take a larger share of the fee than Neil!
  • Brian’s flapping around ahead of Borchester Land’s AGM, he needs all the research he can lay his hands on. As Jennifer is trying to calm him, Kate and Lucas come in. They’ve decided on a name for the baby … “Noluthando Grace Madikane” (a.k.a. “Nolly”, meaning “one who is loved”). Jennifer seems pleased (Brian is speechless) and thinks that Phil will appreciate “Grace” (although, will Jill?)
  • After the AGM Brian returns defeated. The board held him personally responsible for the disappointing results and have even mooted getting in contractors to manage the estate land! He feels utterly insignificant in the face of their farming ignorance.