Nigel wants ideas as to how to get Lizzie to slow down

Radio Times: Nigel needs help.

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  • David’s at Bridge Farm to get some information from Tony – advice on abattoirs for the Hassett Hills operation. Tony has one they use and are happy with and digs out the number. He’s busy digging up veg for the shop – it’s a 12-month a year operation making sure they’ve got enough produce to sell.
  • Ruth and Phil are going over the numbers – and it certainly seems as though Kevin’s doing his job properly as the herd’s performing well. Jill’s back from visiting the new baby and is smitten with it as the rest of the village!
  • Nigel drops in on Brookfield (and gets roped into helping Phil unblock the yard’s drains) – he’s worried about Elizabeth. She’s not slowing down at all and he’s running out of ideas. Phil promises to call around to lend a hand …