Betty uncovers an insurance policy and Kate is determinedly refusing to be drawn on her future.

Radio Times: Brian plays the inquisitor.

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  • At Home Farm, Kate’s holding court with the new addition, with Phoebe being brought to visit, meeting Lucas for the first time. Kate plays to type as she re-arranges Phoebe’s next visit – she wants more time with her new daughter (not, it seems, her old one).
  • Betty reveals to Mike the details of an insurance policy that she’s been paying into since 1974 – it will have enough for a thousand or so for the upcoming wedding, but she doesn’t want Mike planning to spend the rest just yet as he has some ideas of her own. (Roy, meanwhile, tells Hayley he’d rather they don’t have a huge bash – she goes along with him, despite us knowing her rather different feelings.)
  • Lucas pays Brian a visit while out on the combine – Brian’s still not sure about him, but he’s curious about his job and Lucas tries to reassure that he plans to take his new role seriously. (At least that’s one of out two for the newborn …)
  • Lucas and Kate end the day discussing his meeting various members of her family over tea – he tries to steer the conversation round to their possible return to RSA … only she doesn’t feel like talking over the future just yet.