A well lubricated bunch of carol singers tour Ambridge; Alan is still worried about the boy.

Radio Times: Ambridge gets festive.

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  • As they dash from Evensong in Darrington to the Ambridge Carol Singing, Alan is still pre-occupied with ‘that boy’; Amy has heard it 57 times already and has little sympathy but Alan insists that he was not just another drug addict and certainly not beyond redemption.
  • Time to go! David rounds up the singers who are lubricating their vocal chords in the pub.
  • The first stop is at The Laurels where Marjorie is as free as ever with her whisky; Joe is just as willing as ever to accept it. Chris confides in Phil that she is still not sleeping; whatever will she be like when Clive is out of prison. Even with mince pies to soak it up, as the evening progresses the cumulative effect of all the alcohol has its effect on the ensemble.
  • Phil enquires about the boy and, out of earshot of Amy, Alan explains that he was suffering from withdrawal; Alan tried to help but he wouldn’t have it. He has clearly got to Alan; it’s Christmas but there is no room at the inn for lads like that.
  • Joe is now almost legless: Amy discloses that he also has a bottle in his pocket and she has had a taste; it’s sloe gin but she thinks it is more like cough medicine. Off again, back to the village, but wait! Bert has gone without Joe, so he has to squeeze in the back with Phil, Chris and George. Open the window! Teetotaller George is feeling drunk on Joe’s breath. Alan has not yet added up the votes for next weeks Carol Service but, among the old favourites, “Frosty the Snowman” seems quite likely. Can Phil accompany that on the organ? Alan must be joking, surely …

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