Alan offers a helping hand to the boy he found in the churchyard.

Radio Times: Alan faces a challenge.

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  • Alan goes to visit Luke, the boy he found in the churchyard. The conversation isn’t too easy, and Luke claims he’s clean, though Alan thinks he’s still using drugs. He needs to get to his mates but hasn’t any money. When Alan offers to drive him to the bus station, rather than give him the money, Luke drops the subject. He does tell Alan a bit about his background, though; his mum, step-sisters and stepfather are in Westerbridge, but he won’t go to them. Alan offers him a cooked breakfast at Jaxx.
  • Ruth and her two sisters-in-law are enjoying Christmas shopping in Borchester, though Ruth’s preoccupation with babies seems to annoy Lizzie, who is more interested in Usha’s friend Ashok. They round it off with a visit to Jaxx, where Kenton goes on yet again about Emma’s £12,000 and her lack of will to spend it.
  • The girls observe Alan and Luke having breakfast, and are intrigued. Alan tries to press the case for re-hab, but gets nowhere. Luke reveals his talents as an artist, but before Alan can pin him down, he’s off – but not before he’s taken with him the breakfast that Alan paid for. Kenton is impressed by Alan’s attempts to befriend a youngster in need.

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