The mole is trapped but who is the boy Alan has found in the church-yard?

Radio Times: Mr Mole is revealed.

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  • Fallon has finished her second attempt at providing music for the Mystery plays, and everyone agrees that it’s just what they wanted – even Bert is lavish with his praise. Fallon thinks she has all the technical requirements sorted, until Tom refuses point blank to lend her his sound system. She thinks he’s being childish, until Tony tells her that the equipment was John’s, and is too precious a memory for them to lend it out. But to cheer her up, Tony offers to drive the existing sound system round the village on his tractor and trailer.
  • Alan is busy with his shoe-box for Romania scheme as well as the plays, so Bert comes to help. Alan almost manages to sign Kenton up as an understudy for a sick second soldier, but it seems that everyone is in pursuit of Kenton’s talents; Sid wants him to join the carol-singers, and to strengthen his case, reminds Kenton that he knows the true identity of Mr Mole.
  • In the church-yard, Bert hears some strange noises, and discovers a boy rather the worse for drink. He fetches Alan, who thinks it’s not drink at all – the boy’s ill and cold. Bert must dial 999.

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