Clarrie keeps the peace: the Grundys and the Carters will enjoy Christmas together.

Radio Times: Jill makes a difficult decision.

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  • Eddie is into his sales pitch at Brookfield, but with limited success. Ruth is adamant that they are sticking to beef, but she’ll have one bunch of mistletoe. Eddie is annoyed that the Vicar won’t have one of his turkeys – after all he does hold forth about supporting local enterprises.
  • Jill doesn’t seem her usual kind and happy self; first of all she gets in a lather over a missing gravy-boat, then she’s very short with Oliver who wants to dispatch the fox that the hunt have run to earth under Jill’s hen-house. Reluctantly, she gives the hunt permission.
  • William and Emma’s plans for a big family get-together at the Dower House are taking shape. Caroline has given them the go-ahead, and Clarrie is ecstatic at the thought of a leisurely Christmas with her family around her. But Ed says he’d rather spend it at the kennels, and Eddie is distinctly uncharitable about William’s future in-laws. But Clarrie insists they must all go; this time next year they’ll all be family.

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