Kenton spills the beans about Emma’s compensation; Lizzie raises the spectre of unemployment for Hayley.

Radio Times: Hayley gets some bad news.

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  • Business is booming at Lower Loxley, especially in the gallery, where Ashok’s work is selling well. But business boom or not, Lizzie thinks they may not need Hayley full-time once Freddie and Lily go to school. And that’s not the only blow for Hayley; Lizzie doesn’t have any properties to rent on the estate, either.
  • Business at Jaxx is booming, too, and Kenton’s feeling pleased with life – so pleased that he’s been telling everyone about Emma’s CIB award. She isn’t too pleased when she finds out, and she certainly doesn’t want Kenton’s advice about spending it. It’s going in the bank to pay for the wedding.
  • Roy has been trying to make Hayley feel better, and has bought her a sparkly top for Christmas. Emma isn’t keen on it, though, so it will have to go back. When Roy gets home he finds Hayley very upset about her job, about their failure to find anywhere to live, and her dashed hopes of having a baby. She wants to go back to Birmingham, to be near her parents and to have a better chance of a job and a home. Roy isn’t at all keen, but he says they’ll go there for Christmas. He’ll sort things with Betty. For him, Hayley and Phoebe are the number one priority.

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