Emma gets injury compensation and Fallon, wounded by rejection of her music, agrees to take on the world.

Radio Times: Emma gets some Christmas cheer.

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  • As Will and Emma scrape round for something to eat, Will has a bright idea. The Dower House tenants will be leaving before Christmas, so why not ask Caroline if they could invite both sets of parents round for Christmas dinner? That way both mums will have a rest. Oh, and his second bright idea of the night is a Chinese take-away and a bottle of wine.
  • Alan’s by-now-familiar diplomacy is put sorely to the test as Lynda rants about the unsuitability of the music Fallon has put together for the Mystery Plays. Not surprisingly, Fallon threatens to walk out on them, but after getting rid of Lynda, Alan manages to talk her round and they agree to work on World music.
  • David, a.k.a. the Human Dynamo of Ambridge (well, that’s what he calls himself) has really got the Carol Singing under his belt. The route is finalised, Alan (of course) will supply carol sheets, Adam will drive a 4×4 – and Lynda’s insistence that both the day and time be changed to suit her rehearsal schedule is flatly refused.
  • Fallon arrives at Will’s just as the last vestiges of the take-away and wine are consumed. But it’s turned into more than an evening meal for the workers – it’s a major celebration, because Emma has been offered £12,000 by the C.I.B. for the injuries she sustained in Ed’s accident.

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