Sid or CID? Sid is determined to unmask the Mr Mole trickster and he has a clue.

Radio Times: Sid does some detective work.

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  • Tony lapses into sentimental mood, recalling Christmasses he knew as a child, with snowballing, tobogganing, carolling, mince pies … which all gives David a good idea. They’ll revive the old Ambridge carolling custom and go round all the farms. For once, even Bert is keen.
  • Someone who doesn’t seem keen on anything much is Hayley. The atmosphere between her and Roy is distinctly frosty, despite all Roy’s efforts to talk her round. He promises that they will keep looking for somewhere to live. But when?
  • And Sid isn’t exactly full of the Christmas Spirit, either, even though the Winter Warmer is selling well. He’s still sore about the Mr Mole trick, and when David shows a design for a Carolling poster that he’s just drafted, Sid thinks he recognises the handwriting. David protests his innocence, but Sid has an idea. Doesn’t a particular style of handwriting run in families? And hasn’t David got a brother who just loves practical jokes? David couldn’t possibly comment.

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