Nigel meets his poker Waterloo but Alistair might go again. Who is playing tricks on Sid?

Radio Times: Sid faces a panic on the cricket pitch.

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  • Calamity of calamities! Sid has found molehills on the cricket square; he wants Mike to drop everything and deal with them immediately.
  • An enthusiastic Nigel has turned up at Matt Crawford’s poker game; it seems he did not have to twist Alistair’s arm very hard to come too. According to Matt, they don’t play for “real money” here.
  • At Alan’s rehearsal the temperature is a bit chilly, which is no good for Joe’s “farmers’ lung”; however, he has brought his own medicine, slow (sic) gin, which he happy to share out. There is some anxiety about Lynda’s finale, not yet fully written; when will they have time to learn and rehearse it?
  • In The Bull, Alan decides to stick to a half after Joe’s sloe gin; they certainly sailed through the last reading. Alan was hoping to talk to Fallon but she is out; Sid does not think he is going to like the CD that Fallon is preparing for the mystery plays. Mike admits that he didn’t have time to attend to the moles yet and is sure that a few more hours won’t make any difference. Sid isn’t; it’s an infestation and needs to be dealt with tonight on his way home – with Joe holding the torch.
  • Nigel has not done well at poker. It’s not, as Matt says, just a lack luck, he was outclassed; he should have listened to Kenton and Alistair. Next week? He thinks he is busy. Alistair, on the other hand is £200 up and just might go back.
  • Hold that torch steady! There is something strange about the molehills. The soil is wrong. There are no runs underneath. And what’s this – a card with “Happy Christmas Mr Groundsman from Mr Mole”.

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