Adam agrees that Ian should have the baby. Ed comes round in hospital and lets them contact Oliver.

Radio Times: Brian revisits an old flame.

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  • Roy drags Ian out for a drink and gets him to tell him the whole story. Roy says he understands how important being a father is and how it’s changed his life. Ian has even been choosing names.
  • After a heart to heart with Adam about being happy to take on him and Debbie when he married Jennifer, Brian arranges his tryst with Siobhán and she agrees he can go to visit – but he fails to mention he hasn’t told Jennifer.
  • Adam and Ian finally talk. Adam agrees that Ian should go ahead – he’ll need help because he’s is still scared about how things will work. Ian agrees to go home. They are going to have a baby!
  • Ed comes round in a hospital having been beaten up. The nurse persuades him to give her Oliver’s number so that he doesn’t have to be discharged back to the streets.

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