Tom is threatened again over Gourmet Grills. Nigel finds some old paintings by his great Uncle.

Radio Times: Nigel and Lizzie can’t get the staff.

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  • Nigel has come across some old paintings by a Great Uncle who died in the first war. The best thing Lizzie can say about them is that they are naive but Ruth is more impressed. Nigel, of course, is instantly obsessed. He even finds that one of the paintings has another painting underneath but Lizzie isn’t interested.
  • Brenda and Tom have a great day at the Borchester show – until Tom is very firmly warned off by a rival. Even he believes there is something in it now! But he’s not going to be put off. Gourmet Grills is here to stay.
  • Josh is still excited that David one a medal in the veggie Olympics whereas Nigel is rather more annoyed he was disqualified from the leek tossing. It looks to have raised about £2000 though – quite unusual for the Olympics to make a profit. Ruth and Lizzie both agree Clarrie isn’t looking well. She must be under terrible strain.

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