Jennifer tries to convince Adam that being a “Dad” would be a good thing.

Radio Times: The Snells take a step down.

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  • Adam tries to tell Jennifer Ian has moved about but can’t quite bring himself to do it. He’s not really prepared to deal with Lynda and her complaints about his blow up alien either. He finally confesses that his problem is that he will be excluded and by the time he gets to prove that it won’t work, and he’ll always come second. Jennifer tells him to compromise. Some relationships are too special to throw away. Adam’s not convinced he’d make a good father but Jennifer thinks he’d be wonderful. It would be a child coming into a loving relationship. Would that really be so terrible?
  • Robert and Lynda have traded down their car and Lynda is even prepared to countenance getting rid of the llamas. But Robert won’t hear of that.
  • The Veggie Olympics are going well but Kenton seems to have mutilated the Maypole! The celebrity guest isn’t quite what they were expecting though! In the end, David turns out to be the veggie Champion!

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