Debbie returns to Hungary. Ian returns to Grey Gables.

Radio Times: Ian lays it on the line.

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  • Are Ian and Adam talking at last? They plan to go out for a meal tonight and it all sounds very promising until Ian looks through the post and Adam produces his three-day-old letter. Ian is annoyed and not convinced that Adam opened the letter by accident. He admits to having seen Madds – but only to get some answers to the things that concern Adam.
  • Matt looks in on Debbie at the Estate Office. Her first impression is that input costs are too high, output too low and marketing poor. Could Debbie run the Estate more profitably than Rodway’s – yes! She would be free to use the family but they should not expect an easy ride; prices will be screwed down tight.
  • At Brookfield the harvest tea is interrupted by Debbie coming to say goodbye. She and Adam had been civil to one another last night but there is not much warmth in Adam’s goodbye until Debbie requests a hug.
  • Nigel shows off his vines to Ruth and David and explains that his head gardener, the ever-silent Titcomb, is kept well away from them: he is making too many mistakes these days.
  • Adam returns home to find Ian moving out. There is no point in talking because Adam will not listen. In Adam’s eyes, Ian is making a big mistake; Madds and the kid will replace him as the most important person in Ian’s life. On the other hand, Ian sees an opportunity for the two of them, together, to have an amazing experience that will enrich their lives. Ian heads for Grey Gables with Adam expressing indifference – until the door is closed and he is left alone. Damn!

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