Brian quietly does some groundwork for a trip to see Siobhán.

Radio Times: There’s sibling rivalry for Debbie and Adam.

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  • It’s a lovely day and Kirsty is enjoying helping Sam before breakfast. The shine is taken off Sam’s day when Ruth announces that she has noticed summer mastitis in a couple of heifers; Kirsty has been inspecting those heifers and must have missed them.
  • Debbie is persuaded to stay at Home Farm for the meeting before going to the Estate Office. Adam wants to make it short and kicks off with the profits from the strawberry venture over the last two weeks. Phew! Even Debbie has to admit they are good. Well done.
  • Kirsty means well but is not a natural with stock. Sam is glad to have Ruth’s help to bring the cows in; indeed Sam seems glad to have Ruth’s help for just about anything these days.
  • Debbie admits that she blew it: she did not find out all the facts first. Brian feels that it is a strength that they can challenge each other. He plans to visit her in Hungary soon and he might take in a couple of potato enterprises; he does not need her help to organise it; it’s all in hand. Debbie thinks she might join him but this is probably not in Brian’s plans which doubtless include a trip to Germany.
  • Antibiotics should clear up the mastitis. As they work, the conversation turns to Sam’s imminent holiday about which he seems less than keen. Ruth wishes she were going. So does Sam – oops, Freudian slip, forget he said that.
  • Jennifer would like Adam to join them for supper, ever hopeful of mending the rift between her offspring. Probably not – Adam is not in the mood and anyway needs to talk to Ian. Jennifer is in favour of this: they have too much going for them to have it spoiled through lack of communication.

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