Debbie returns and shoots from the hip.

Radio Times: The Golden Girl returns to Home Farm.

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  • Debbie is met at the airport by Matt who is returning from Ireland; they have a lot to talk about.
  • Kenton is still busy on the Village Green and, because Adam still has not turned up with the combine, he still has David helping him. Lynda is not happy about what they are doing and takes the opportunity to whinge about it; she is very disappointed, especially with David, Chairman of the Parish Council.
  • In the car en route to Ambridge, Matt explains that there is plenty of harvesting in progress – except at Home Farm, where the attention seems to be on strawberries and on the maze. The Estate contractors, on the other hand, are in full swing. Matt is keen to cut costs and he needs some hard figures – evidence of waste and overspending. He does not have much time – Friday morning will do! Debbie is only staying until Friday anyway.
  • With all the subtlety of a brick, Debbie wades in and takes Adam to task for not getting on with the barley harvest and for ignoring their customers. He is busy keeping the farm in profit and he has work to do.

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