Kirsty and Sam spar and then make up.

Radio Times: Kirsty tries to play the game.

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  • It was a good night but very late and Sam is reluctant to get up to do the milking; Kirsty has to push him out. When he trips over her bag it produces a totally disproportionate outburst about her tidiness – a clear case of pot calling kettle black.
  • Mike has finished his round and calls at Grange Farm just in time to help Oliver indoors: he has been kicked on the knee by a cow and sees stars. Caroline insists that he takes it easy while Mike finishes off.
  • Helen offers a listening ear to Kirsty, who wonders if Sam is going off her. Although she has not actually mentioned moving in, she has dropped hints; maybe she has scared him off. Helen advises her to cool it. Sam phones to apologise and to invite her to lunch; despite the outburst, he would be sad if her things were not there.
  • Oliver soon recovers to go out and admire his cows and to tell Mike that the engineer is coming today to fix the pasteuriser. The occasional kick apart, he feels that the dairy enterprise is going to do him good.
  • So Sam is forgiven – just this once. He has been thinking that he ought to clear space for Kirsty. Not too much though, because she has decided not to bring so much stuff in future; much as she enjoys coming over, she could not even think of not having her own place at present.

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