Adam and Debbie are at loggerheads about the best way forward for Home Farm. The Brenda and James saga continues.

Radio Times: The rivalry deepens at Home Farm.

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  • The advert for the Home Farm Open day is in the Echo. Brian thinks he will get a fair bit of support. The strawberries went down well at last year’s farmers market. Adam isn’t too sure about Debbie’s commitment but Brian thinks he should get over it.
  • David and Ruth have put the young stock out. They look really pleased. Brenda stops by and says she thinks James might get her a new job. David is a bit sceptical. Ruth is now fussing about the girls’ magazines Pip is reading. She is far too young to be thinking about boys. She’ll be much happier when she meets Izzy’s mum.
  • Brenda is still worried about Lilian but James says not to worry. Lilian meanwhile sees Brenda as a trollop but James doesn’t see how anyone could have a relationship with someone called “Scott”. And wasn’t it Lilian telling him to get straight back in the saddle …
  • At the farm meeting, Adam suggests expanding Hassett Hills but Debbie is against the extra costs. She would rather take all the marginal land out of production and thinks they need to consider Jeff’s position if they are going to be competitive. Adam thinks they should think about getting away from subsidies but Debbie thinks they should be going for as many EU subsidies as they can get. It all gets a bit personal. Brian suggests taking some time to think about it all.
  • Brenda and James meet up for lunch. He says whatever Lilian thinks makes no difference. Brenda could help him get over his disaster of a relationship.

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