Neil isn’t impressed with Sid’s new regime at the Bull. Lilian isn’t impressed with Brenda as James’ new girlfriend

Radio Times: History repeats itself for Lilian.

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  • Neil isn’t impressed to find Ed at Emma’s or that he seems to know his way around. But Ed is getting quite fond of George. He’s bought him a football and even talks about him to Jazzer in the pub.
  • Sid is still trying to build up his pub image when Brenda arrives to meet James for their meal out looking gorgeous. Then Neil and Jazzer aren’t impressed that the dartboard has been moved or that Sid tells him to wash and change his clothes before coming in in future! Jazzer thinks it’s his turn for a drink – Tom has been knocking off early to go clubbing.
  • James and Brenda are enjoying their meal when Lilian spots him. James isn’t convinced they are there by accident. But he has to introduce Brenda to Lilian. Lilian isn’t impressed. She hasn’t forgotten Brenda stole Scott from her. James thinks it’s very funny and isn’t bothered at all.

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