Matt is taking Brenda to Boticellis so Lilian is going with Matt too! Ed is getting on well with his new nephew.

Radio Times: Ed bonds with the newest family member.

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  • Matt is fed up with Yvette still demanding money but Lilian is less interested. He’s off to London to sort things out. Lilian is interested in James’ late return home but he won’t say who he was with. He’s asking for swish restaurant suggestions though.
  • Brenda visits Emma to tell her the news about James – though Emma doesn’t know who he is. Meantime Clarrie and Susan seem to have different views on child care! But George isn’t too sure about Susan’s methods. Brenda gets to see Ed visit again before she leaves. Ed gets to take George out for a walk though. Lilian is impressed with his skills as an Uncle.
  • Susan tries to encourage Lilian to be active in the Home Farm campaign but Lilian is on the other side. Brenda turns up in the shop on a diet for a night out with her “fit bloke”. Tom is wandering around with a grin on his face. Susan thinks it must be the success of the tastings.
  • Brenda is thrilled to hear they are going to Boticellis instead of Grey Gables. But they are meeting in the Public Bar at the Bull first.
  • Matt thinks he has done reasonably at the first Court hearing but there is a second one. At least he is allowed to cut the maintenance payment for now. Matt wants to celebrate but Lilian wants to book a table at Boticellis too, to see who it is he’s seeing!

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