Jack struggles at the memory clinic but James and Brenda seem to hit it off!

Radio Times: Brenda looks out for love.

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  • Brenda confronts James with the accusation of him being a road hog and running her off the road, plus putting Izzy and Pip’s lives in danger by walking along the road when he was driving crazily. But James smoothes it all over, persuading her to go for a coffee.
  • Jack and Peggy get to the memory clinic. Peggy admits she’s very worried. What was originally just being absent minded is now more forgetful and often he seems confused. He struggles with the tests and admits that he knows what he wants to say but it doesn’t come out. And unlike everyone else, he never does remember what it was he went upstairs for. How can he look after Peggy if he can’t cope.
  • Brenda and James end up at Jaxx. She ends up apologising to James! He flatters her with talk of the Ivy and his appearance in magazines. She explains that she could make a really great contribution at Radio Borsetshire but she is not appreciated. She’ll have to find a new job – maybe newspapers and magazines. James dangles the idea he might be able to help. Brenda is prepared to be very grateful!
  • The Doctor at the memory clinic has suggested a CT scan. Jack isn’t even sure what that is. But he’s so tired he needs a nap.

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