Izzy impresses Phil with her musical talents and Brenda nearly has an accident with an SUV

Radio Times: Jack and Peggy hope for the best.

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  • Shula got a very cool reception from the father of the girl who broke her wrist. Could be because Scruff had something to do with it. Phil is spending all hours in the Brookfield garden. Might even get Ben to eat some vegetables if he gets to help grow them.
  • Brenda gives a lift to Pip and Izzy and nearly has an accident when an idiot SUV driver appears from nowhere. No one hurt fortunately.
  • Jack and Peggy are getting ready for the appointment but Jack still seems to get confused. He expects the clinic to tell him to slow down – he has too many commitments. He’s not sure what he would do without his work, but he starts planning for a villa in the Algarve.
  • Izzy impresses Phil with her musical talent but she doesn’t have a piano. She wants to show him a dance routine too but it’s getting a bit late – for Phil! So they plan to put on a show next time.

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