There is an accident at the stables. Julia’s wedding plans continue. There is a swallow nesting at Lower Loxley

Radio Times: Angst for Shula at the Stables.

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  • Adam confesses to Jennifer that he really didn’t get on with James, they have nothing in common. He’s also still cross with Debbie for spilling the beans to the journalist. He has a lot of ground to make up.
  • James is confident he can sort out his business plans but Lilian is worrying about his social life. He’s not keen on her attempts at matchmaking though.
  • Julia is beginning her table plans for the wedding. It’s annoying that people haven’t replied. Even Ellen hasn’t although Elizabeth is pretty sure she wouldn’t miss her sister’s wedding. Nigel is supposed to be helping but is easily distracted by a swallow nesting in the garage.
  • Lilian is off for a ride at the stables. She is still trying to persuade Adam and James to be friends but has no more luck with Adam than she did with James. But Daniel’s dog Scruff causes a bit of a problem and causes a girl to fall from a horse. She’ll have to be in touch with the insurance brokers. Looks like the girl may have broken a wrist.
  • Lilian and Jennifer recognise just how much support Peggy will need if she gets bad news at the memory clinic. She’s putting a brave face on things, but it could be very tough.

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