More bad publicity for Adam’s poly-tunnels; James has some bad news too.

Radio Times: Adam’s faced with bad publicity.

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  • The bees are busy among the strawberries, pollinating prodigiously and for free. Jennifer thinks they should have their own hives but it would need more poly-tunnels to make that worthwhile and Adam is not thinking about expanding just now. He suggests a Farm Open Day to try to get some of the villagers on side; Brian is all for it.
  • In The Bull, Matt and Lilian scan the new menus and have a joke at Freda’s expense. Lilian is keen to organise a farewell dinner for James before he returns to London; with all the sincerity he can muster, Matt agrees it is a shame he has to go so soon.
  • Meanwhile, James is meeting Adam for a drink at Grey Gables. Sadly, Ian is too busy to put in an appearance until later but James cannot wait: he has calls to make. He has been reading all about the poly-tunnel meeting in the Felpersham Advertiser; Adam had not seen it – quite a splash and a real hatchet job.
  • Lilian reports that Chris has had another offer on the bungalow but she cannot raise any interest in Matt; everything is on hold until he has paid off Yvette. James announces that he is not, after all, returning to London: there has been a legal hitch and his development plans are delayed. Matt smells a rat: if it was his project going wrong, he would want to be there.
  • Adam and Brian peruse the newspaper article with dismay. It is a very one-sided piece, with pictures that make it look as if the whole farm is under polythene. A spokesman is reported as saying there are no plans for expansion. What spokesman? Jennifer reveals that Debbie took a call and said as much. Adam is furious; she had no right to shout he mouth off to a journalist. Sibling rivalry slips into a new gear!

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