Brenda worries about Emma and Ed; Kirsty is blissfully unaware about Tamsin and Tom.

Radio Times: Susan’s dream comes true.

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  • When Ed bumps into Emma, knowing that Will is back at the pens tending his eggs, he has no hesitation in accepting an invitation to coffee. He even gets to push George.
  • David is very impressed with Neil’s new kitchen, although slightly amazed that, having sealed his hammer behind a unit, Neil took the cupboards out again rather than abandon it. Neil did not go to the poly-tunnel meeting but anyway does not have as strong feelings as Susan; with his pigs, he might be next on Lynda’s hit list.
  • As she waits for Tom, Kirsty persuades Brenda to drop in at The Bull later: Sam will be there. There’s nothing romantic in store for Kirsty, just collecting materials for another in-store promotion tomorrow. Tom is very guarded about how his ‘meeting’ with Tamsin went; apparently she hardly mentioned sausages.
  • By the time Brenda arrives at Casa Nueva, Ed is looking very much at home nursing George. He doesn’t stay long.
  • This is the day Susan has been waiting for. With eyes closed, Neil leads her into her new kitchen; he has cleaned it up, removed his tools and collected the kitchen furniture from store. It’s like a dream come true. Time for tea.
  • David and Tom have a darts game planned this evening with Sam. Brenda is content to have a quiet word with Kirsty, despite Kirsty’s efforts to pair her up with the eligible (but spoken-for) Sam. She is concerned about the cosy scene she witnessed earlier, Ed cuddling a baby that could well be his. Had they deliberately picked a time when they knew Will would be out? Brenda just hopes that Emma knows what she is doing.

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