Adam faces a rampant Lynda alone. Tom faces a relaxed Tamsin – alone.

Radio Times: Lynda dons the war paint.

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  • Tom is most impressed with Susan’s new house, now almost complete. He is less impressed with the meeting mounted by her next caller, Lynda; he doesn’t mind about the poly-tunnels because it’s a tough market. Anyway he cannot attend: he has a meeting with the supermarket representative, who is being very tough about his sausages.
  • Adam is worried because Lynda seems to have mobilised anyone with an axe to grind. Brian is confident that it is so much hysterical nonsense that will be dispelled by clear arguments – put by Adam; Brian himself has a Borchester Land meeting and Debbie has cried off too.
  • Tamsin has had a pig of a day and is ready to unwind – no sausages tonight, Tom!
  • Lynda trots out all her arguments about breaching the spirit, if not the letter, of the planning laws. Susan adds that it may only be 6 acres out of 1000 just now but where will it end? Adam needs reinforcements.
  • Tamsin is intrigued by Tom’s account of Helen’s date with the vicar; he is dying to know what happened. She concludes that he really cares about his sister; he is a sweet boy. Rather than another drink, why don’t they pick up a bottle and repair to her place. Why not!
  • Lynda warns that in the vicinity of other proliferations of plastic, house prices have fallen by 20%. Brian arrives in time to put what he is sure will be a conclusive argument about British strawberries, jobs for local people etc. But this only opens up the way for comments about their Ukranian students and the impromptu caravan park in which they are housed. How are they going to win this one?

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