Alan gently deflects Helen’s advances; Ruth is no nearer to meeting Izzy’s mum.

Radio Times: Alan reads the warning signs.

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  • Bert has interrupted muck spreading at Brookfield to help Alan with clearing the path in the churchyard. David is lending a hand too and Phil will be along later. Bert is pleased to hear that Kathy is presenting another film show but has got the wrong idea about the film.
  • Helen calls Alan away to propose that they meet for a drink after he has finished hospital visiting; even vicars need a night off. Without the excuse of being back for Amy (she is revising at Alice’s) he warily agrees.
  • Bert has also got the wrong idea about the new cross-compliance regulations; David assures him that it is not money for nothing. Some of it makes sense but there is much that is unnecessarily prescriptive. David must dash!
  • He gets to school on time. Phil and Jill were only just before him thanks to a visit from James; it sounds as if he is not hitting it off with Matt. They enjoyed Izzy’s singing, although she was disappointed that her mum was not there to see her. She would really like to play an instrument, like Pip.
  • Alan, a bit late for his ‘date’, finds Helen all dressed up. As he is on the bike, they opt for just coffee. When Helen expresses the hope that they might go on meeting and talking, not just about her problems, he gently but firmly defines the boundaries for a counsellor; he would be asking for trouble if he crossed them. So it is better to leave things as they are; she can continue to have the benefit of his wisdom and they can certainly be friends. She can but agree.

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