James meets Matt and ’tis not love at first sight. Emma cultivates her other love, Ed.

Radio Times: Matt meets the competition.

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  • Oozing insincerity, and with a deeply tasteless remark about Jack’s condition, James greets his Gran. Apparently Jack is writing himself notes, then forgetting where he has put them. James suggests a Personal Organiser but Peggy politely turns down this ridiculous idea.
  • Ed keeps his appointment with George – or is it with Emma? He is fascinated with the tiny baby but holds him somewhat reluctantly. Emma thanks him for being so calm and together before the birth; she was glad it was him. Ed is itching to go but Emma bids him put the kettle on.
  • Brian finds that his work as stand-in keeper is being checked. He acknowledges that Will has found some deficiencies and takes the criticism in a much more good-natured way than he would have done from the less-favoured Greg. William will check the eggs, then he will return to his wife and son.
  • James meets Matt (aka Tiger – would you believe). Matt is doubtful about his tales of a property development coup in London and turns the conversation to James’ love life – clearly a sore point; James responds with a barbed riposte about Matt’s divorce. Lilian is sure they will get on when they get to know each other; Matt is not convinced.
  • Brian concedes that some of the eggs need cleaning, to guard against infection, and some small ones need to be discarded. Now go! Will thoughtfully calls Emma to announce his imminent return.
  • Emma moves on from talking about the baby to talking about Ed. If he is ever stuck for something to do … She is interrupted by the phone call from Will, which is Ed’s signal to beat a hasty retreat. Ed is urged not to leave it so long before his next visit.

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