Lilian’s son James arrives. Ed agrees to visit Emma and her new son.

Radio Times: Adam finds you can’t choose family.

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  • Ruth is the latest Ambridge resident to take a peek at young George. William, at home on two weeks leave to be with the new arrival, clearly has his mind on the rearing pens.
  • Lilian probably won’t be calling to coo over George. She has her own ‘baby’ – son James – to visit. They have been invited to Home Farm for lunch; he seems distinctly cool about meeting Adam but quite keen on drinking Brian’s claret.
  • When they do find Adam in the strawberry fields, he is not in the best frame of mind as he puts the finishing touches to a shower block for the pickers. He is willing to spend time with James (even though he doesn’t know the difference between cabbages and strawberries) but not until, after Lynda’s meeting on Wednesday. If James is interested in property prices around here he would do better to talk to Matt – and he will get the chance tomorrow.
  • You’re never out of touch with a mobile, so wherever Ed is lurking, Emma can contact him. Why hasn’t he been to see his new nephew? Besides, Emma has not yet had the chance to thank him properly for getting her to the hospital. Will is set on going to work tomorrow for a while, so Ed agrees to come round then.

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