Jennifer has arranged a village meeting to discuss the polytunnels. Ed still won’t visit George and Emma.

Radio Times: Alarm bells ring for Alan.

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  • Tom has to persuade Helen to release Kirsty for the sausage promotions. She’s okay with that as long as Tom pays her wages!
  • Jennifer and Adam are both unhappy with Lynda. This gets worse when Lynda asks for an announcement of a meeting to discuss “unwelcome industrial development” on the website. Perhaps Adam had better prepare himself for a very robust debate!
  • Helen pops around to see Alan again with some leaflets. Amy is now keen on being a midwife since she’s helped to bath George. Trouble is there is a shortage of places. But he’s the last person to keep her from doing something she wants. Helen manages to persuade Alan to give her a coffee. She offers him some of her cheese and to cook him supper. Alan is very pleased – especially since it means Amy will be able to join in …
  • Ed tries to back out of visiting Emma. Clarrie puts it down to Ed being knocked sideways by the phone call from Beth but he says he’s just not interested.

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