Tom’s sausages aren’t doing well in the new stores. Ed is finally persuaded to visit George.

Radio Times: Tom mixes business with pleasure.

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  • Joe’s disappointed that he missed Beth on the phone when she called. He thinks she might want to come back but Ed says there is no way she wants to do that when she’s got all her mates.
  • Tamsin calls with her business hat on. Tom’s sausages were well below target, especially in the new stores. He’s got a problem to sort out. He tries to convince her he can sort it with some promotions but she isn’t convinced. She also points out the Tom seems to have a problem sorting out the difference between work and play!
  • Ed has been in charge of Grange Farm with Oliver away. Joe reckons Oliver is lucky to have him. He’s delivered a couple of calves with no problems. But he hasn’t found time to visit Emma yet. Ed isn’t so keen on seeing the happy home.
  • Pat is off to Felpersham with Kathy to visit the clinic. Pat does a not very good job of pretending to Clarrie that it’s all for window shopping.
  • George has finally been registered. Clarrie and Joe try to persuade Ed to go and visit but neither Will nor Ed are keen. But he finally agrees to go with Clarrie tomorrow.

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