Lynda continues her campaign against the poly tunnels while Tom continues his “campaign” with the supermarket!

Radio Times: Lynda drums up some support.

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  • Tom has been busy on the ‘phone to the supermarket so Susan and Maurice the butcher have had trouble talking to him. Tamsin is just like these supermarket people – don’t realise they have other jobs to do. Susan meanwhile has to apologise for the way she and Neil have been boring Tom with the pictures of Georgie. She’s still upset about there being no Carter names involved.
  • Lynda and Roy are coping on their own while Oliver and Caroline are away in Italy. She tries to recruit him to her campaign against the polytunnels. He begins to think the change to the environment might mean fewer bookings at Grey Gables.
  • Ruth begins to teach Izzy to groom Caspian Prince. And she shows some interest in the milking parlour. But in the meantime, Ruth is less impressed to learn that Izzy’s brother is “mental” and likes “jumping off walls”. She hasn’t seen her Dad for a while either. He was off his head last time she saw him. And her half sister’s Dad, Don, lives with them – she’s not keen on him. Yet again, Ruth will fail to meet her Mum – she’ll be out at work when they take Izzy home.
  • Helen thinks Peggy is disappointed that they can’t find a physical reason for Jack’s memory problems. She hopes the memory clinic will sort things out. She’s missed out on meeting James so far though. Tom meanwhile has forgotten the great cricket clean up – he’s off for a sort of work thing with the supermarket people….. you have to play the game don’t you….and Kirsty wouldn’t enjoy it, that’s why he didn’t ask her!

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