James is home with a posh new car and a broken heart but very interested in Matt’s financial affairs.

Radio Times: The prodigal son returns.

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  • Emma and Will are still getting used to having George around. Will tries to smooth things with Susan by suggesting another second name for George but Emma gets quite upset at the mention. Then Eddie arrives to drag Will away to wet the babies head in the cider shed. Susan stays to keep Emma company – no point going home with Neil working on the house. Ed hasn’t been round yet though.
  • James arrives home with a posh new car. Lilian thinks he must be doing very well to afford it. He certainly seems to care more about the car than his mother. He’s looking forward to two weeks in Ambridge though. Turns out he’s come home with a bit of a broken heart. He’s interested to hear about Matt’s plans for the financial settlement for the divorce.
  • Eddie and David try to have a decent chat in the cider sheds. But Will is more concerned about whether everything is alright with George. They try to reassure him that everything is okay and all Dads go through it.

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