Adam wants to expand his soft fruit production but Lynda doesn’t approve. Pat agrees to go with Kathy to a sexually transmitted disease clinic.

Radio Times: Adam defends his strawberry fields.

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  • Adam tries to bully David into helping out with preparing for the new cricket season – he can probably manage an hour. They are interested in seeing what will happen with the new Single Farm Payment. It will certainly change the way they farm. Adam sees it as a chance to shake up things at Home Farm, stop selling sugar beet and move into raspberries and cherries. But it’s still all under wraps.
  • Jennifer is getting the new caravans ready for the strawberry pickers. All of the feedback from the webcam has been positive but Lynda isn’t going to go for an extension. There was some “unpleasantness” – all due to Joe of course – but since Derek is threatening to sue, she doesn’t think she has any choice.
  • Kathy is planning another film show in the village hall. Kenton talked her into it. He’s being very understanding. But she just wishes she could respond to him they way he would like. She is worried about a lot of things but what if she has caught something. It wouldn’t be fair. She couldn’t go to her Doctor. It would be bad enough being prodded and poked let alone having it all written down. Pat offers to go with her which is a great relief.
  • Lynda decides to complain to Adam about how he can get away with expanding his strawberries when she can’t get the permissions she needs to restore the Cat and Fiddle – it makes her very angry! He is changing the whole look of the fields. But Adam sees it as a way of bringing work to the area and keeping farming alive – it’s Nimbys like her that is destroying things. Lynda sees it more as the whole of Home Farm looking like a discarded plastic bag. She recognises hints that Adam is planning to expand and if he thinks he can destroy the landscape regardless he is very much mistaken.

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