George comes home from the hospital.

Radio Times: The new arrival settles in at Casa Nueva.

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  • Emma brings George home from the hospital. Life is going to be so good. They are already getting a lot of visitors and Emma isn’t getting much sleep. Eddie and Brian are dividing William’s work between them so he isn’t to worry. And they’ve chosen a second name for George – Edward, since he was so helpful in the delivery room. Susan isn’t so impressed. There hasn’t been a George or an Edward in their family. But when they are on their own, William and Emma have never been so happy.
  • Julia’s wedding plans are coming on. Borchester Life is even going to cover it – it’s the society wedding of the year! But less gallantly, Jill ends up helping David with the silage clamp. They’ve finally got on with registering Caspian Prince in the Hereford Herd Book. Izzy is fascinated by him. David quite likes her and even Ruth is coming round. But she’s still worried they haven’t met her Mum.

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