Tom’s not entirely honest with Kirsty and Emma’s not entirely honest with Ed.

Radio Times: Tom faces a crisis of conscience.

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  • Emma and the new arrival are overwhelmed with visitors. Susan, aka Nana Carter is unenthusiastic about Emma and Will’s choice of name, but the rest of the two families like it. When Eddie comments on how the baby is every inch a Grundy, Susan huffily remarks that he’s far more like Emma.
  • Neil and Tom are busy shifting pig arks, and are interrupted by Kirsty, who wants to make things up with Tom. They sit by the river for a while, and Kirsty apologises. She says she’s oddly jealous of Tom’s sausage interest. Eventually Tom backs down and apologises too. Kirsty suggests going to a gig, and at first Tom’s all for it – but then he remembers that he’s got other things arranged for that night. He tells Kirsty he’s going out on supermarket business.
  • After a tiring day of visits from Carters, Horobins and Grundys, Emma is delighted to see Ed. She thanks him for all he did to help her with George’s birth, and he tenderly holds his new nephew. Emma says he’s to be named George Edward. Ed assumes it’s after Eddie, but Emma clearly has someone else in mind.

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