Emma has a baby and Ruth has a tantrum.

Radio Times: Ambridge prepares for its latest arrival.

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  • Ed brings the toy-box and teddy round for Emma, and tells her about Lynda being caught digging up Derek Fletcher’s garden. Emma goes into labour, and can’t reach Will on his mobile, so Ed offers to take her to the hospital.
  • Ruth is in a towering rage. Pip has phoned to say Izzy’s mum, Karen, picked the girls up from school and asked Pip to stay for tea. David does his best to make Ruth get things into perspective, but she’s not having any.
  • At the hospital, Emma won’t let Ed leave her. The midwife (who appears to be a clone of Bridget-the-Social-worker) tells Emma she’s doing fine; the baby will soon be here.
  • David fetches Pip home. She’s had a wonderful time, and has fallen in love with Izzy’s Alsatian. But she’s also put a permanent dye on her hair, and is covered in make-up. The already-furious Ruth is now incandescent – and Pip’s request to call her parents David and Ruth is the final straw.
  • At last Will arrives at the hospital, and orders Ed out of the way. The baby arrives soon after, and it’s a boy, George. As he holds his son, Will says it’s the happiest day of his life.

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